Bröllopsdansen är komponerad av våra kära vänner Tommy Denander och Ricky Delin.
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Texten är magisk och på allmän begäran så lägger jag ut texten här.


"Grace" - Text & musik: Tommy Denander/Ricky Delin

Like a fire your eyes made a mark in my soul
Burnt your initials in letters of gold
Precious and rare I'm waiting here alone

You are all of my heaven and I'm but a tree
Standing thankful in praise of your might over me
I taste your life Bittersweet ... Divine

Am I worthy enough?
Could you learn to love
All that I am Everything I could be?
I'll do the things you ask of me I will I want you

I'll swim the oceans I'll conquer the world
If you get lost I will find you
Come to the rescue when you're in distress
And fight with the roar of the lion

Only the grace of your blessing in me
Could've washed me to shore , safe away from the sea
That I have cried and where I nearly drowned

I'm the tree that you grow with your heavenly might
You water my roots and you feed me with light
I taste your life Eagerly So good

Even great mountains tremble at your gentle hand ...
Moved by the touch of an angel
The softest of whispers ... I wait for your wish My command

If you want blood then I will bleed for you
If you want tears I would cry , dear
If you asked me for miracles I'd walk on air
I'd do anything just to be near you.